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We are coming into your homes with the world of “Super Cars”
Due to the import limitation for super cars into the country, Horse Power has decided to have an exclusive studio outside of Iran to interact with such industries. The result is the presence of a vast variety of super cars for the first time in an Iranian program and the possibility of visiting some producers. Such exclusive facilities are due to the background of the program makers in relation with automobile producers and traders in the Middle East which enable you to experience such exciting ride in your own home.
In Horse Power series, you will witness testing of the new generation of international cars by Iranian experts and presenters as well as getting to know your rights as automotive product consumers.
On top of that, we shall evaluate our local production and will show you their strength and weaknesses.
Horse Power series in its first chapter in six parts of 55 minutes is planning to introduce you to various automobiles through attractive adventures on a trip around beautiful Persia, using known and adored faces to show their method of driving. In Horse Power, you will witness reformation of classic cars by our exclusive team and let’s not forget that Classic cars can be considered as part of country’s history and a national asset. Learning the professional how-to rebuilding such cars is a new subject which carries great importance in our country and has its own exclusive fans. You shall go on a “time travel” with us in the Horse Power and we won’t forget that Horse Power series is a serious protector of eco system.
You too can participate in Horse Power.
Creators of this program are honored to invite all automobile lovers from Iran and all other Persian speakers around the globe to participate in making this series. In case of having any experience in the world of automobiles which you think is presentable to others, you can contact us through email and present it in your program.

  • Production Company: Tangerine Pictures
  • Home screening
  • 2016
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