Far from Home

About Iranian female Skier & Olympian Forough Abbasi, Directed by American Director Galen Knowles. https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/far-from-home/core- branded-far-from-home/iranian-skier-ignores-all-who-said-she-was-not- olympic-material/ WZRD Media Olympic Channel Iran Production Company: Tangerine...
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Just Like My Son

Sembra mio Figlio (Just Like My Son) feature film, 2017 The first Italian fiction film shot and co-produced with Iran in more than 50 years directed by Costanza quatriglio, DOP:Sabrina Varani, Art Director: Beatrice Scarpato, Italy Producer: Andrea Paris. Iran Producer: Farzad Pak Ascent Film (Italy) Iran...
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Sperm Whale

It’s a sequel to the first Sperm Whale. This movie is set at Arzhang (Reza Attaran) ‘s wedding day. It includes lots of flashbacks to the time of of friendship of him with the bride, Roya (Mahnaz Afshar). Production Company: Tangerine Pictures Cinema 2017
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Garage 888

We are coming into your homes with the world of “Super Cars” Due to the import limitation for super cars into the country, Horse Power has decided to have an exclusive studio outside of Iran to interact with such industries. The result is the presence of a vast variety of super cars for the first […]
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